Our Commitments

Exemplarity as a duty



AVOCUT is the best solution to plastic with an eco-friendly door-to-door delivery system all across Europe. 


At AVOCUT Supl.Eco, we feel it is our duty to go further in the change.


We provide our clients with an understanding, a guidance and products that can help the world's pollution crisis, to help populations in need to grow in happiness.

The products distributed by AVOCUT are certified FDA (Food and drug administration) and biodegrades according to the norm ASTM D6400.

They are made primarily from avocado seeds - this waste is recycled and converted into different hypercompostable products.  

Biofase has created a manufacturing patent technology to produce disposable products that are as functional as plastic, without the destructive aftermath.

Our oceans and sea life won't survive much longer.

Take part in reducing global warming!


"There is a greater political and social awareness of the issue that pollution is having on the world's marine environments" 
says, UN Environment chief scientist 
UNenvironement.com Article Nairobi, 11 Mars, 2018 
"Bioplastics must be sustainable. How can we make bioplastics from food? [...] we should not take food away from people"
Cleanseas.org - Made in Latin America - Scott Munguia Biofase   
Avocado seeds have anti-inflammatory properties
Researchers from the Pennsylvania State University 2019
"The majority of marine litter is composed of plastics, between 60-80 per cent"
UNenvironement.com Nairobi, 11 Mars, 2018 

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